PLUMIRATUN, founded more than ten years ago by a great fisher and trolling fishing lover, to which he dedicated most of his sports life until he discovered the suitable decoy for each species and each moment.

Nowadays PLUMIRATUN have at their disposal a professional team of designers and fitters as their worldwide main. Guarantee of success, with a complete range of decoys. The quality of the materials and their exclusive making system make even their chromium plated items do not corrode at all.

Each decoy goes through exhaustive quality controls and fishing checks, the great range and combination of colours offered by PLUMIRATUN help the fisher, without any doubt to find the suitable model for eachj situation.

Our aim is the constant development of our decays and the creation of new items to always be able to offer the highest performance.

Beato Diego de Cádiz, 8-10
03009 Alicante-Spain
Telf. +34 965 17 85 52
Fax. +34 965 17 42 58